M40 WW2 German Helmet, Large Size
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This is a very good copy of an M40 German helmet, the weight is accurate to within 2% for a helmet of its size when compared to an original. The liner is also accurately recreated with soft leather – it even has a Berlin manufacturer’s stamp on the inside and a Reich’s Bureau number on the chinstrap. You will be impressed – For attention to detail and materials, these are far superior to Made in China M40 copies. Helmets of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) were factory painted a medium to dark 'blue grey' colour. German Army (Heer), Navy (Kriegsmarine), and Waffen-SS (Armed-SS) helmets generally bore various shades of medium to dark field green. The Afrika Korp wore yellowish-brown helmets. On the eastern front, in winter, helmets were invariably over-painted white – in some circumstances some were factory-finished in that colour. Certain units of the SS wore black helmets. German Naval (Kriegsmarine) helmets were, on occasion, painted a 'battleship grey' colour. A number of factories in the Reich produced helmets under contract, this fragmented supply arrangement unintentionally added to shade variations, as different suppliers used slightly different paints and mixtures. The paint finish on this helmet is based on an original shade, nevertheless, German helmets were painted in a huge range of shades. Although we may imagine that the highly efficient German armed forces produced strictly standardized equipment, in the case of helmets, it’s rare for two original German helmets to bear the same colour when compared side-to-side. The factory applied paint varied to some degree as did the service branch colour. Large Size Fitting – for head size 59-62. Colour: Very dark green with a hint of blu/grey (may appear slightly greener than photo). Weight: 1.403 Kg.
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