German Katzbalger Sword
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This sword was favoured by the Swiss Landsknechte in the Renaissance. Katzbalger means "cat skinner". It's not truly known why it was given this name - "katzbalger" is German slang for a brawler, so it may have been known as a "brawling sword". Some sources say that it was so agile and sharp, you could have skinned a cat with it - hence the name. Whatever the truth, it was a sturdy, wide-bladed and most devastating sword that technically transcended its late medieval forebears. Fitted with the distinctive "figure 8" pattern guard, the overall feeling of the Katzbalger is one of overwhelming utility. This faithful and functional replica is a very solidly constructed piece that's meant for dirty business. If the user desires a sword which will fit into a variety of time periods or if you're looking for that "one and only" type of sword, the Katzbalger may not be it. On the other hand, if you desire a sword of this specific type with which to round out a collection or complete a persona look no further. Measurements and Specifications: Weight: 1.909 kg Overall length: 99.5 cm Blade length: 76cm Blade width: 5.6cm at base and tapering Grip length: 23cm (incl. pommel) Guard width: 28.5 cm Point of Balance: 13cm from guard Center of Percussion: ~21 inches from guard Sharp Full tang Leather-clad scabbard -0- CAUTION – THIS IS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL MARTIAL WEAPON – DECOMISSION THE BLADE BEFORE WALL MOUNTING. DO NOT USE FOR SPARRING. DO NOT USE FOR THEATRICAL OR RE-ENACTMENT PURPOSES. CHECK THE LAWS IN YOUR STATE OR COUNTRY PERTAINING TO WEAPONS OWNERSHIP BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE. STORE SAFELY AND HANDLE WITH CAUTION. -0-
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